in production

real american

Director Jacob de la Rosa

Scheduled for release October 2020

it's a web series!

In an alternative version of our world where humanoid aliens known as Malacares came to Earth as refugees, a news producer wrestles with her identity while hiding who she really is.

Learn more about the cast and crew at iMDB!

The Pleasure Matrix

Director Colin Parker

Currently in Production

We raised the funding we needed to make the film! So much so that we're pushing forward with a full feature instead of a short! It's going to be amazing and we can't wait to get back on set, back to work.


dicks everywhere:


written by Nathalie Galde

Stephon Duncan, Melanie Menendez, and Zak Kinnaird get together with me to read something I've been working on through Covid. Hoping to get this puppy funded and produced so if you're interested...HMU


Created by Elias Rios

I've had an immense opportunity through working on this series - getting to bust my chops as an AD and as guest-director on a couple of episodes. I feel very lucky to be working on this series and I can't stress enough how much you're going to love it when you get to see it too.

selfctrl_series teaser.mp4

manic mime day

Director J. Antonio Mendoza

Currently in post-production

A short little sketch born from a short little improv scene is finally coming to life thanks to the support and enthusiasm of everyone at BSP Film. Looking forward to sharing this with everyone very soon!


Director Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke

Currently in post-production


A short comedy about two best friends who visit a sex shop to seek relief mechanisms for painful sex.

I was given an awesome opportunity to provide BTS for this wonderful project. Check out their article on Chicago Reader, and learn a lil bit about endometriosis. Some of my pictures were used too!