in production

The Pleasure Matrix

Director Colin Parker

Currently in Production


No question about it, this film is getting made. We've already got a proof of concept in the can and we're working on securing funding to ensure that cast and crew are paid and fed, and that production quality is as good as any movie you'd see in theaters.

Stop by our campaign and learn more about how you can be a part of this beautiful project!

real american

Director Jacob de la Rosa

Scheduled for release Spring 2020

it's a web series!

In an alternative version of our world where humanoid aliens known as Malacares came to Earth as refugees, a news producer wrestles with her identity while hiding who she really is.

Learn more about the cast and crew at iMDB!


Director Harper Philbin

Scheduled for release April 23 2020

When a state government shutdown closes parks on 4th of July weekend, Park Ranger Nova Abbey must protect the park from the people, and the people from each other.

I got to play a fun little small part in this awesome feature. My first feature release! I can't make it to the premiere but if you're in Grand Rapids and interested in attending, get your tickets by following the link!

tramp (working title)

Director J. Antonio Mendoza

Currently in post-production

A short little sketch born from a short little improv scene is finally coming to life thanks to the support and enthusiasm of everyone at BSP Film. Looking forward to sharing this with everyone very soon!


Director Reshmi Hazra Rustebakke

Currently in post-production


A short comedy about two best friends who visit a sex shop to seek relief mechanisms for painful sex.

I was given an awesome opportunity to provide BTS for this wonderful project. Check out their article on Chicago Reader, and learn a lil bit about endometriosis. Some of my pictures were used too!